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Mail Order Form for Battenkill Goat Soap Products

To order:  1. Print out this order form

2. Indicate what products you want to order

3. Add the price of your selections, shipping, and sales tax (shipping is taxable)

4. Mail the completed order form with your payment to, 28 Mountain View Way, Salem, NY 12865.

(Please make payment to McMorris Enterprises or

Your Name:


Street Address:

City: State: Zip Code:
Telephone (in case there is a question):     email address:

***Bars may be ordered individually by mail***

Quantity Description Price Totals
  Plain Bars:  B1960-1 Vanilla $ 3.50 ea.  
  B1960-2 Sea Breeze $ 3.50 ea.  
  B1960-3 Rain Scent $ 3.50 ea.  
  B1960-4 Cucumber $ 3.50 ea.  
  B1960-5 Fragrance Free $ 3.50 ea.  
  Celtic Design Bars: C1965-1 Vanilla $ 3.50 ea.  
  C1965-2 Sea Breeze $ 3.50 ea.  
  C1965-3 Rain Scent $ 3.50 ea.  
  C1965-4 Cucumber $ 3.50 ea.  
  C1965-5 Fragrance Free $ 3.50 ea.  
  With Oatmeal-Plain Bar: B1983-1 Vanilla $ 3.50 ea.  
  B1983-2 Sea Breeze $ 3.50 ea.  
  B1983-3 Rain Scent $ 3.50 ea.  
  B1983-4 Cucumber $ 3.50 ea.  
  B1983-5 Fragrance Free $ 3.50 ea.  
  With Oatmeal-Celtic Design:C1986-1 Vanilla $ 3.50 ea.  
  C1986-2 Sea Breeze $ 3.50 ea.  
  C1986-3 Rain Scent $ 3.50 ea.  
  C1986-4 Cucumber $ 3.50 ea.  
  C1986-5 Fragrance Free $ 3.50 ea.  
  Bath Salts: BS1916-1 Vanilla $ 3.50 ea.  
  BS1916-2 Sea Breeze $ 3.50 ea.  
  BS1916-3 Rain Scent $ 3.50 ea.  
  BS1916-4 Cucumber $ 3.50 ea.  
  Gift Baskets: Gift Baskets Come With 1-Plain Bar, 1-Celtic Bar (design may vary)1- Heart Candle (candle scented same as soap), 1- Bath Salts, in a basket All items in Gift Baskets have the one scent you choose. Color of candle may vary with scent.
  Gift Basket --G1978-1 --Vanilla $12.00  
  Gift Basket --G1978-2 --Sea Breeze $12.00  
  Gift Basket --G1978-3 --Rain Scent $12.00  
  Gift Basket --G1978-4 --Cucumber $12.00  
  Shipping: $0.00-$9.99=35%;

$10.00-$49.99=20%; Orders Over $50.00=15%;


Total Shipping


Total of Order Including


Add 7% Sales Tax if Shipping to

NY State  

Total Amount Enclosed for Battenkill Goat

Soap Products  

Make Check or Money Order payable to:

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