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Next Year in Salem: A Chronicle of the Home Front During W.W. II, 1940-1945 by William "Al" Cormier, Salem town and village historian.

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206 page hard cover printed on archival paper, containing 50 illustrations

$ 28.50

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Editorial review

William Smock, documentary photographer and filmmaker. Noted for his photography work in Buccaroos in Paradise, a Smithsonian Museum production and as Executive Producer of "Isamu Noguchi: Stones and Paper," and "Who Owns the Past?" P.B.S. Television American Specials.

"What was World War II like in a town with one of everything—one movie theater, one dance band, one 73 year-old-pugilist, one saxophone virtuoso and one Congressional Medal of Honor winner? Al Cormier details Salem’s sacrifices on the home front and adventures in war. This is a valuable work of grassroots history."

Book description

Next Year in Salem is a classic example of life on the home front in any small town USA. Without hesitation, the people of Salem rallied to support the 308 men and women who were serving in the armed forces. Proportionately, a full 15 % of its population, most of the able-bodied men and women joined the military. Patriotic spirit was rampant and is reflected in the stories of those participating in the war and home front defense. Featured are stories about war time rationing, the draft, air raid drills, airplane spotting, scrap drives, war bonds, gasoline shortages, movies, music, the Red Cross, women recruits, Pearl Harbor, VJ Day, school events, and letters from the front.

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